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How to Prevent HACKING your ACCOUNT

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 How to Prevent HACKING your ACCOUNT  Empty How to Prevent HACKING your ACCOUNT

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Important reminders to all players (Updated - 09/01/10)
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Important Reminders:

1. GMs will "never" ask for your password.

2. Never post your "Username" or "Password" here in the Forums.

3. Here are the Official Websites of GameClub: – GameClub Home – Special Force – TwelveSky 2 – Weapons of War - iDate - CrossFire

4. Beware of scam sites, hack sites and free ecoins / items sites. Never login your GameClub account on any other websites.

5. The Official Email Addresses of GameClub are: - for all kinds of reports - for Mcc members - for Tournaments – for Art Contests - for CrossFire Promos - for CrossFire Reports - for CrossFire Tournaments

6. If your account gets hacked, here are the things that you can do:

Fill up the following form then you can report it thru 1:1 Inquiry, or send an email to

Registered Email Address:
Registered First Name:
Registered Last Name:
Registered Birth Date:
Secret Question:
Secret Answer:
Date of Registration:
Last Login Date:

For Special Force and CrossFire players:
Codename/s used:
IP Address:
No. of times the account has been hacked:

For TwelveSky players:
Report it at

For Weapons of War, and iDate players:
Character Name:
Class (if necessary):

NOTE: Send a scanned copy of your ID bearing your registered first and last name to

*Do not fill up and post the form in the forums.*

How to report:

1. 1:1 Inquiry
Create a new account and login to then Support then 1:1 Inquiry / Inquiry, fill up the form above then submit it.
**You need to verify that you are the real owner of the account before we can reset your password.**
Check your email for our reply to your 1:1 inquiry report.

2. Email
Create an email, fill up the forum above then send the email to Check your email regularly for our reply. No need to post or create a thread regarding your hacked account.

3. For in-game questions and inquiries, you can PM the GameMaster of the respective game.

4. We do not process scammed accounts and scammed items.

5. We discourage selling / buying of accounts / items and Php trading / Php selling in any form.

6. Never share your account to anyone. Even if you trust them. Your account is your responsibility.

7. The creator of the account is the rightful owner of such.

Below is the complete list of GameMasters, GameClub Staffs and the area / games that they handle:

[Godlike]Ramon - for forums only

Special Force

TwelveSky 2




csr head

GameClub Staffs

Forum Moderators (for all games)

Thank you and have fun playing!

Game Management
GameClub Philippines

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